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Fuchsia fuchsia fuchsia!!!

New obsession alert!!

I need a fuchsia lipstick ,but a fuchsia that has a purple tinge to it.

(I don’t own this photo)
Something like this colour is what I’m dying for at this moment.

Does anyone know any shades similar?

I am planning on trying to make my own tonight so I will post photos of my progress

Love Bec

Reviewing it up!

Hey Everyone!

I’m Ashley, ill be doing the reviewing part of this blog! It will mainly be about movies as I don’t seem to be able to go a week or so without seeing a new movie haha.

If you like watching, talking, looking behind the scenes hit me up with some questions or a request to review a movie.

Ill be also reviewing some TV shows as well, but due to being in Australia we always seem to be behind a few weeks on the shows but I’m a badass and download a few shows to keep up when they premiere.

If you want me to talk about anything or review anything let me know and ill see what can be done.

Finally if you have a movie related blog follow us and we will follow back :)

Ashley xx <3



I want to follow beauty blogs. If you have one please comment or like this post :) Thanks

- Bec

Hi it's Bec, Ash & Jak and we are 3 bloggers from Sydney Australia